New Life Fellowship | Topeka, IN


To provide our tech skills as an act of worship by giving back to God and the Church through AVL. We strive to give our excellence in tech to God cause he calls us to give our excellent to him. We provide the foundation through AVL in which others can be able to worship in their own way. 

Tech Areas

Live FOH Audio

Do you want to learn how to mix live audio, effects processing, EQing, and miking on a digital console? We can provide training!

In-House Media

Cue graphics, slides, lyrics, lights (Lightkey), videos, start and stop pre-service music. Pick motion backgrounds for the worships sets. We provide training!


Get different camera angles, mix audio on DAW (logic), switch camera feeds, lower thirds, on-screen graphics and start/stop the livestream. Training provided and required. Livestream is every Sunday @ 9am; the 10:30am service is recorded as backup (or streamed live if the 9am has issues).


  • Must be a Christian and live/partake a holy and pure life in and outside the church.
  • Do not have to be a regular attender of NLF to join.
  • Must be at least 14 years old.
  • To be willing to learn and to adapt with technological changes.
  • To agree with the beliefs and guidelines of NLF.

Rehearsals start every Sunday @7:30am. All tech volunteers are expected to be there at 7:30am when scheduled and to volunteer for both services. We currently do not have mid-week rehearsals. 

Twice a month. The tech schedule is on a three-month rotation. You will get a planning center invite and will be scheduled through the app. In the app you can accept or declined dates in which you are scheduled. 

We have two main sources of communications; Slack and Planning Center. We use slack to send group messages, updates, changes, announcements, etc. We use planning center to scheduled techs and plan out the order of service. 

There is no set dress code at NLF. All black is preferred but not required. 

Yes absolutely! We ask you pick a main area in which to serve first then your secondary option. 

No, we provide training. We just ask that you are willing to be trained, to learn and listen to directions/gudience. Previous training/experience is a plus also. 


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