New Life Fellowship | Topeka, IN

Next Steps

Ready for the Next Step?

Next Steps illustrates the opportunities that exist at New Life Fellowship for you to grow in your faith with Jesus. Each of three catalysts provide opportunities for spiritual growth.

Spiritual Practices

Spiritual Practices provides a space for us to meet with Jesus. A consistent connection with Jesus (the vine) will produce attitudes and behaviors that are rooted in him. (John 15:5)

Any of our staff can assist if you need help in the area of spiritual practices. Please contact us!

Church Community

Church Community becomes the places where we practice collective worship, service, unity and celebration. (Hebrews 10:24-25)

Collective worship and teaching every Sunday morning at 9AM & 10:30AM.

Every Sunday 30 minutes prior to each service in the Prayer Room/Library.

Occasional / Seasonal all-church experiences designed to celebrate Jesus and further our faithfulness to Him.


Relationships are where I can belong to the NLF family and practice loving God and loving others. (Matthew 22:37-39)

We divide our “Relationships” into two areas:

Groups and Volunteer Teams.

Groups are relationships that fulfill individual Needs.

  • Body:Life these groups meet for 6-weeks on Wednesday evenings several times/year.  We begin with a meal at 6:15 and end at 8PM. Groups meet around tables on-site in the sanctuary centering around scripture, prayer and sharing.
  • Support – for support within areas of need (finance, grief, etc.)
  • Study – study a specific topic or area of interest.
  • Huddle – leadership training, discipleship, and multiplication.
  • Prayer – offer prayer for people and ministry needs.
  • Journey – experience life-growth while meeting in homes.
  • Affinity – explore interests, hobbies, and / or passions. (Scrapbooking, motorcycles, etc.)

Teams are relationships that fulfill NLF ministry needs.

  • First Impressions – fulfilling host roles at NLF on Sunday mornings
  • Chairs – prepare NLF sanctuary for Sunday morning.
  • Cleaning – prepare NLF’s facilities for discipleship work
  • Coffee – providing coffee / beverages to the NLF body on Sunday morning.
  • Connect – train 4th, 5th and 6th grade students in Christ through relational leadership.
  • Food – provide food for those in need and for large church activities.
  • Grounds – maintaining the NLF physical property.
  • Kid’s Country Teaching – leading NLF Kids on Sunday morning.
  • Safety – provide protection and support to NLF people and facilities on Sunday morning.
  • SHINE – minister to families and children with special needs.
  • Student Ministry– leading, mentoring and supporting students at NLF.
  • Tech Ministry – meeting NLF sound and media needs.
  • Worship – leading the NLF body musically on Sunday morning.
  • Youth Food – prepare and serve meals on Wednesday night at youth program.

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