New Life Fellowship | Topeka, IN


4th, 5th, 6th Grade

Our Mission

Our Connect PreTeen Ministry exists for each student to GROW their Biblical understanding, to BUILD a Personal relationship with God, to SERVE others and find where they BELONG while connecting with those they come in contact with daily.

About Us

These students are in-between being children and teenagers with the questions, curiosity, and concerns to match. We welcome the discussion and questions as we research together the Biblical truths for clarification and answers.


We have several events/activities throughout the year that help build relationships, teach service and mission opportunities 

Sunday Get-Togethers

Connect meets Sunday Mornings after 2nd service worship in the “Meeting Place” in Phase II. 

This is a time for sharing and learning how to take what is happening in the world, around them at home and in school, and then use the  Bible to find the answers to apply it to their daily lives.  

Kerin Miller

PreTeen Connect Director