NEXT STEPS – Relationships

Relationships are where I can belong to the NLF family and practice loving God and loving others… Mathew 22:37-39

We divide our “Relationships” into two areas: Groups and Teams.

Groups are relationships that fulfill individual Needs.

Teams are relationships that fulfill NLF ministry needs.


  • Support – for support within areas of need (finance, grief, etc.)
  • Study – study a specific topic or area of interest.
  • Huddle – leadership training, discipleship, and multiplication.
  • Prayer – offer prayer for people and ministry needs.
  • Journey – experience life-growth while meeting in homes.
  • Affinity – explore interests, hobbies, and / or passions. (Scrapbooking, motorcycles, etc.)

Teams – serve Jesus by…

  • First Impressions – fulfilling host roles at NLF on Sunday mornings
  • Chair – prepare NLF sanctuary for Sunday morning.
  • Cleaning – prepare NLF’s facilities for discipleship work
  • Coffee – providing coffee / beverages to the NLF body on Sunday morning.
  • Connect – train 4th, 5th and 6th grad students in Christ through relational leadership.
  • Food – provide food for those in need and for large church activities.
  • Grounds – maintaining the NLF physical property.
  • Kid’s Country Teaching – leading NLF Kids on Sunday morning.
  • Safety – provide protection and support to NLF people and faculties on Sunday morning.
  • Section Leader – presenting warmth, availability and follow -through towards individuals in their seating section.
  • SHINE – minister to families and children with special needs.
  • Student Ministry- leading, mentoring and supporting students at NLF.
  • Tech Ministry – meeting NLF sound and media needs.
  • Worship – leading the NLF body musically on Sunday morning.
  • Youth Food – prepare and serve meals on Wednesday night at youth program.