Teaching the principles and truths of God’s Word, teaching to become fully committed followers of Jesus Christ.
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Kids’ Country to designed to assist parents in training and teaching their children the principles and truths of God’s Word so that they will make the decision to become fully committed followers of Jesus Christ.

Kids’ Country team leaders, teachers, and volunteers work with newborns through 4th graders. We structure our class time each month to encourage: growing relationships between teachers and children; Bible memorization and application; worship through song and story; and invitation to live out your faith in everyday circumstances.

Our teachers serve on a 4-month rotation schedule, with each set of teachers serving one full month at a time. This type of scheduling provides an environment in which our children (and parents) become comfortable with an adult leader that they recognize and know, as well as allowing our teachers to enjoy quality time with the kids and continuity of teaching.


THE NURSERY (0 - 18 Months)

Our nursery provides a safe, secure, and nurturing place for the very youngest members of Kids’ Country during their first experiences in church. Staffed by loving and qualified adults, your child will be cared for while you enjoy your morning at NLF. A nursing room is provided for mom and baby, as well as a quiet sleeping area for those little ones who just need to take a snooze.

The TODDLER ROOM (18 - 24 Months)

When children reach an age when they are sturdy and secure walkers, they are ready to move to the Toddler Room. Here these new world-explorers can try out their newly found independence in a safe and fun-filled environment. This area is designed for play, socialization, and introduction to a slightly more structured time. Very often it is during this stage of toddlerhood that children begin to suffer “separation” anxiety. Our staff is equipped and ready to help both parents and toddlers make a healthy transition during this stage of development. 

The BACKYARD - 2 ½ - 3 ½ year old

The Backyard is a place where our active young ones begin participating in a more purposeful time of learning. Through specially designed activities, a time of high-energy singing, worship, and lessons form God’s Word, these little ones learn the importance of knowing and obeying God. Although children in this class do not need to be completely potty trained in order to participate in The Backyard, we do encourage parents promote children to this class only when they are able to spend their church time without needing a diaper change. Bathroom time is provided for those who have reached that milestone!

THE PATCH – 3 ½ - PreK 4 year olds

It is here in the PATCH that our young ones continue to grow in an environment that offers free play, crafts, Bible memorization and application, and an opportunity to participate in large group worship time. By this stage in their church experience, our New Life kids have established friendships, look forward to their time with their teachers, and have discovered that being at church is a pretty cool place to be! These children experience a more structured setting that is peppered with interactive games and activities that make it hard to leave!

THE BARNYARD – PreK 5’s – Kindergarten

These growing and energetic learners will be engaged by an age-appropriate large group time featuring songs, skits, and Bible lessons. They will be challenged to memorize God’s Word and will be guided in making personal application of spiritual truths. Expressing themselves through games, discussions, and crafts, will make their time in The Barnyard fly by. Every moment is purposefully structured to teach and reinforce the principle truth that is the focus of that day’s lessons. Making friends and spending time in The Barnyard will become a highlight in your child’s week.

THE MARKET – Grades 1 and 2

Your child’s journey of faith will continue as they enjoy Sundays in The Market. Exciting large group singing and worship, along with videos, skits, and challenges, will encourage these students to learn more about their God and His plan for their lives. Each week these kids leave armed with a devotional that will reinforce the truths they’ve learned on Sunday while providing ideas and prompts for parents to use as they disciple their children at home. These children are becoming more independent as they grow in their reading skills and their thirst to know more. Don’t waste a minute! Get your kids involved in THE MARKET!


During their final years in Kids’ Country, your maturing and ever-inquisitive child will find a place of faith and friendship in the General Store. Large group worship time in The Campground sets the tone for the morning, followed with small group instruction, games, and activities that hammer home the truth of God’s Word. This will be a time of encouragement, discussion, and application. Children at this age level will be invited to spend time daily in God’s Word, using the weekly devotional guide that will be provided for them. This quiet-time guide is designed to further lead your student into a deeper, and personal study of God’s Word.  These students will be challenged to live out what they’ve learned when they are at home, school, and in all their relationships. It is the deep desire of all of us who serve in Kids’ Country that we see all of our children walking in truth, applying Biblical principles in their life situations, and developing a deeper self-sustained relation with their God.



Vacation Bible School

This thrilling weeklong program is held every summer and is scheduled during the mornings for 5 days in June. For most of our children, this is the highlight of the summer. It provides an opportunity for kids to spend concentrated and integrated time in God’s Word. VBS also offers an opportunity for our NLF kids to invite their friends and neighbors to come and experience this exciting week of food, fun, and learning.


We believe that each and every child is a precious and unique person, designed and cherished by God. This is especially true of our little ones who have special needs. Our SHINE program partners these children with a “buddy” who will attend to them throughout their morning here at NLF. We want to provide an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusiveness so that every child will SHINE their own individual light in this world. Parents will have the opportunity to worship and fellowship with other adults knowing that their special needs youngster is loved and cared for. 

M and M’s

Parenting is a rewarding, yet challenging, job. God never designed us to parent in a vacuum. It is essential that we, as followers of Christ, find within our local church bodies, the encouragement and support we need to successful parent and disciple our children. Moms and More (M and Ms) is an outreach extension of Kids Country, started and lead by moms who recognize that, as moms, we need to know we are not going is alone. This group of moms, lead by a team of NLF women, meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month for a time of fellowship, q and a, refreshment, and just the plan enjoyment of being together. If you’re a mom who’s looking for a place to take a breath and find that inspiration you need to journey on, then join us each month in M and M’s. 



We know you’ll find a church home that will meet the needs of your entire family while providing a place of fun, growth, and learning for your young children. God is blessing us here at NLF. Come be part of what He is doing!