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Together rescuing those in slavery while supporting the local ministry of DESTINY RESCUE

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15 from 3pm - 6:15pm

We want to thank you for your consideration in supporting this year’s community DAY OF RESCUE. Our prayer and hope is that our local community would rally together to fight the horrific and evil reality of child trafficking around the world.

Destiny Rescue is a local (Syracuse, IN) Christian Organization that saves children around the world from abusive brothels while giving them the love of Jesus and community skills to be self sufficient when they are ready to reenter society. Their God-Sized goal is to rescue 100,000 children by the year 2020.

Our goal for the DAY OF RESCUE: Community awareness Destiny Rescue’s Ministry that will live well beyond the DAY OF RESCUE * $10,000 in funds; it takes $1,500 to rescue one child.

There will be many opportunities through out the day for individuals and families to financially support this effort as well as dive deeper into the ministry of Destiny Rescue. Thank you again for your consideration in partnering with us. We will be honoring our sponsors and underwriters during our evening concert.  We would love to see you there!



3 pm – 5 pm Kids’ Carnival

  • All types of Carnival games for kids of all ages
  • Face Painting / Crafts
  • Fun Carnival Food
  • Multiple TouchPoints on how to partner with Destiny Rescue
  • Prizes
  • Huge Inflatable Games
  • Walk Through a Rescue Experience
    • Sponsor a family
    • Rescue a child
    • Book a Jewelry Party

5 pm – 6:15 pm Celebrating a Rescue! A time of worship and testimony with those from Destiny Rescue

  • Special Children’s Programming, Food, Giveaways, and crafts for Destiny Rescue Children
  • Adult time of worship and challenge brought by local, community churches
  • Announcement of funds raised from the Day of Rescue

 *All proceeds go directly to Destiny Rescue.

Greeting!  We would like to take a moment of your time to share with you a little about an organization that is close to our hearts, Destiny Rescue. This is an organization that rescues underage girls from human trafficking and restores their self worth and relationship with Jesus.

We’re passionate to help Destiny Rescue after hearing their story one Sunday during church service, where we witnessed how broken these girls were and how they needed our help. As we were sitting there watching these girls go through unimaginable circumstances, we were both moved into action. One of us was holding our baby girl who was peacefully sleeping on our shoulder. She was warm, safe, loved, and cherished.

Knowing the girls trapped in these brothels might never know this type of comfort and peace is more than enough of a reason to want to rescue them. Imagining a same-age daughter in those situations causes one’s heart to ache and be broken realizing that they would never experience a loving home life without our help.

With your donation we can help Destiny Rescue save more girls and give them a life they probably could never imagine having by sharing with them the love of Jesus. Here are some statistics to give you a better idea of what Destiny Rescue does:

  • Ages of the girls rescued range from 4-16 years old.
  • They had 11 rescues within the last few weeks. (visit www.destinyrescue.org to see how the rescue, restore, and protect process works.)
  • Their God-sized goal is to save 100,000 children by 2020.

Our goal in partnering with Destiny Rescue is to bring awareness to the community and help as many girls as possible experience a loving home life and to know the love of Jesus. By the grace of God, with your help we’ll be able to make this event happen and reach the goals that the Lord has laid on our hearts.